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SILVER Medal Winner

2021 Orange County Commercial 

Wine Competition

Bottle of First Light Rose'
Orange County Silver Medal medallion
Los Robles Hills Winery


is a labor of love nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains and is part of the Malibu Coast AVA. The Ventura County location has a unique microclimate, enjoying warm days and cool nights due to its proximity to the ocean. All of our grapes are organic and estate-grown. We do not have a tasting room and our property is not open to the public. See our partners page to see where you can purchase our wine!

3 vintages of Los Robles Hills wines
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100 % Organic


We are CCOF (Certified California Organic Farmer) members, ensuring that no pesticides or chemicals are used in the farming of the grapes.

We use no sulphur on our grapes, and minimal sulfites in the production of our wines. Our focus is on biodynamic, sustainable agriculture.

At harvest-time, we harvest while the grapes are cold ensuring that we can control fermentation, and to provide a longer cold soak to increase wine color extraction. We hand-sort each cluster to insure highest quality grapes go into processing.

Grapes during Verasion
Leaves in vineyard with Fall color
cluster of green grapes growing on the vine
Sunset in the vineyard
Reciting the Airships - Eluvium
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2021 Los Robles Hills Winery